Each of us will have to deal with inheritance issues. For these processes to run smoothly and require as little time and energy as it can, hiring professional help might be an ideal solution.

We provide legal services related to the inheritance rights that ensure these processes will run smoothly and effectively.


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We provide the following inheritance law services:

  • Consultations

We answer all questions related to the application for acceptance of the inheritance; we also inform you what to do if you were not able to accept the inheritance on time (within the legal deadline), etc.

  • Preparation of procedural documents (claims, appeals, feedback, etc.)
  • Client representation at all stages of the acceptance of the inheritance
  • Mutual dispute resolution for heirs
  • Invalidation of a will
  • Representing the client in courts of all instances to resolve any disputes related to inheritance.


Although inheritance is a normal legal procedure, it is worth noting that legal disputes in this area are not uncommon. They often arise because the heir misses the deadline for accepting the inheritance; there is a need to prove the kinship; to resolve disagreements on wills or even to find the inherited assets. All these situations require not only responsibility, adequate assessment, but also legal knowledge.

We are ready to professionally evaluate your situation and find the most effective ways of solving problems in LITHUANIA AND ABROAD. We will provide detailed advice and clear instructions on what to do to achieve the desired result, and if you live abroad and cannot return to Lithuania and cannot participate in the inheritance process, we will do it for you.

Solve your inheritance issues while saving time and ensuring that the process is smooth and successful.


JKSTRATEGY provides professional domestic and international legal and detective assistance. We guarantee an internationally effective money recovery.

The goal of our team is to help the clients to realize their legal interests in various situations, ensuring the highest standards of professional ethics in every stage of the issues to be solved. We ensure a professional approach, transparency and reliability.

Make the most of your rights!

If you need to defend your legal interests and achieve the best results, it is advisable to use professional domestic and international legal and detective assistance provided by experienced and highly qualified professionals.

Trust our experienced and skilled experts to find the right solution for you!

Good luck!

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