In many cases, divorce is not only referred to as the beginning of a new life, but also as a process of great concern and emotional discomfort. We are here to help you make the right decisions, ensure effective and professional solutions to your situation, and you could escape any worries about the divorce and save your time.

We provide consultations on matters related to the dissolution of marriage; division of property acquired in marriage; determining the child’s place of residence; child support; changing the size of the child support payment (increasing or decreasing it); disputing parentage, etc.


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We provide legal services for divorce by mutual consent and for divorce by spouse’s fault NOT ONLY in Lithuania:

  • if the marriage is terminated by mutual consent, we will prepare all the necessary documents, which must be signed by both parties; the case will be dealt with by written procedure, so you will avoid going to court;
  • if the divorce cannot be terminated by mutual consent, we will prepare all the necessary documents and a claim for divorce on the fault of the other spouse, and we will also represent you in court hearings.

We will prepare the necessary documents for the divorce process and collect all necessary certificates:

  • a divorce application by mutual consent;
  • a divorce claim on the part of the spouse;
  • a certificate from the SE Center of Registers about any registered real estate;
  • a certificate from SE Regitra about any registered vehicles on behalf of both spouses;
  • an agreement on the consequences of the dissolution of marriage signed by both spouses (if the marriage is terminated by mutual consent).


JKSTRATEGY provides professional domestic and international legal and detective assistance. We guarantee an internationally effective money recovery.

The goal of our team is to help the clients to realize their legal interests in various situations, ensuring the highest standards of professional ethics in every stage of the issues to be solved. We ensure a professional approach, transparency and reliability.

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If you need to defend your legal interests and achieve the best results, it is advisable to use professional domestic and international legal and detective assistance provided by experienced and highly qualified professionals.

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