Sooner or later, everyone faces a situation when the information available is no longer sufficient and the only way to find out what you don’t know becomes a professional detective. So, if you have a need to know more than you do so far, I can find answers to the questions you are interested in.


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Searching for Information

I will collect and provide relevant information about you or the person you are interested in, family connections or biography facts; data on unfair competition or commercial practices, information on the behavior of minors or the people around them on an international level.

Searching for Missing Persons and Their Assets

I search for missing persons and investigate the circumstances of their disappearance internationally. If necessary, the search for their assets is also carried out. Collaboration with professionals from other areas is possible to ensure the process is smooth and accurate.

Finding Debtors and Their Assets

I conduct a search for debtors and their assets on a global scale. Information about a person is collected, the location of the said person and their property is determined.

Searching for Property

I conduct an international search for the property or the property title, which has been stolen, missing, wasted or otherwise lost by the client, as well as for any other property-related information.

Assessing the Solvency and Reliability of Individuals or Companies

Whenever you about to go ahead with new plans in your life, make sure that you are surrounded by honest, trustworthy and loyal people. If necessary, I can collect information about companies or individuals you are interested in on an international scale and assess their solvency and reliability. Such information is particularly important if you are unsure whether to cooperate with a foreign-owned company; buy real estate from a foreign person; to invest in new projects in Lithuania or other countries, etc. It is also possible to evaluate the reliability of your spouse (Lithuanian or foreign citizen) – I will collect data on debs; purchases; marital infidelity and so on.

Checking the Employee and Assessing Their Reliability

Do you use the services of nannies, nurses, maids, housekeepers or drivers, but you are uncertain if the work is done properly and resources are being used optimally? Don’t waste time speculating – leave it to a professional detective who will check and evaluate the credibility of your employees.

Arranging Confidential Meetings

Occasionally, there is a need to arrange a meeting in an environment that guarantees confidentiality. Not sure how to organize it? Trust this professional detective who will make certain that an informative conversation takes place in an environment of maximum confidentiality. We will find a place that will ensure privacy, and both sides will be able to arrive at the best solutions during a business conversation without having to interfere with outsiders.

Security Solutions for Client-Owned Premises, Vehicles, Equipment, and Information Storage

Are you looking for technical security for premises, vehicles, electronic devices, or storage media? Leave these concerns to a professional detective – I will choose and implement the most effective security solutions.

Advising on Other Private Investigation Related Matters

The accumulated theoretical and practical knowledge enables us to provide advice on private-investigation-related matters and to work with you to find the best solutions to existing problems.

Disposing information can open up incredible opportunities and help you achieve your goals. Trusting a professional detective with the investigation will save you time, and most importantly, your expectations will be met. Reliability and confidentiality are guaranteed.


JKSTRATEGY provides professional domestic and international legal and detective assistance. We guarantee an internationally effective money recovery.

The goal of our team is to help the clients to realize their legal interests in various situations, ensuring the highest standards of professional ethics in every stage of the issues to be solved. We ensure a professional approach, transparency and reliability.

Make the most of your rights!

If you need to defend your legal interests and achieve the best results, it is advisable to use professional domestic and international legal and detective assistance provided by experienced and highly qualified professionals.

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