Debt recovery

Effective detective – legal debt recovery process


1. Business Intelligence – Collecting Evidence

2. Pre-trial recovery

3. Judicial proceedings

4. The forced execution process

5. Bankruptcy process

6. Criminal proceedings

7. Conclusion of the Settlement – postponement of the execution of the sentence

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There are many factors that every business would like to avoid. Debts are no exception: delays in paying for goods or services can have a negative impact on the company. However, when facing difficulties such as timely settlements, it is important to contact professionals. The best results can only be achieved when debt recovery is carried out through detective activity and legal processes. Depending on the situation, the following solutions may apply:
Preparatory work – perfect for reminding your debtors about their obligation to carry out their financial commitments:
• a phone call to the debtor;
• sending a call for payment warning that the debtor’s data will be made public;
• sealing financial documents with a seal that announces that the debtor may be included in a public register.

Out-of-Court Debt Recovery
It is always worth trying to reach a mutually acceptable solution through negotiation, avoiding formalities and extra costs. This is precisely why debt recovery is an excellent solution. First, the debtor’s address and phone number are found out; his/her debt analysis and profile evaluation are completed and persons in charge of the proceedings are appointed. Finally, a call for payment is sent and negotiations are launched.

Personal Recovery
Personal recovery (direct recovery) is an effective debt recovery solution. This includes communicating directly with the debtors, visiting them and helping them to realize the consequences of refusing or delaying repayment. Another advantage of this solution is the ability to objectively assess the situation of the debtor.

Purchase – Sale of Debts
If necessary, purchase of debts may also take place. This is useful because it will prevent disputes with debtors and possible concerns related to the debt recovery process, and debt will be converted into money in a very short period of time.

Preventive Action: Preventive Stamp
We also offer a preventive stamp that can help prevent the debt recovery process in the future. It is a preventive stamp, an inexpensive and effective way to encourage the second party to make payments on time. Preventive stamp on invoices informs about the consequences of late payment.

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Detective activity and legal services are used to maximize the effectiveness of debt collection.
The purpose of detective activity is to gather relevant information that can help to realize the client’s interests (data on the debtor’s origin, affinity, biography; data necessary for criminal proceedings, civil, labor, insurance disputes or administrative litigation cases; details of personal credibility and solvency, etc.). Legal services include customer representation in court proceedings; relevant data transfer to enforcement authorities; evaluation of documents and preparation of new ones; submission of documents to a competent court; process monitoring and appeal in case of unfavorable decisions.

The recovery operations are carried out in Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The highest standards of professional ethics are guaranteed at every stage of the issues to be addressed; we promise reliability; confidentiality and transparency.

Debt collection is most effective when combined with professional detective and lawyer services. Exercise your rights to the maximum by entrusting your problems to an experienced and skilled professional!

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